The RLASC provides a quality care service where every child is respected as an individual. We feel strongly that the needs of the child should be the primary focus of the Club. We will ensure that the needs of all children are met by adhering to the following principles:


A healthy snack and drinks (juice or water or milk) are available for the children during the course of the afternoon. Snacks include bread, crackers and cheese, dips and breadsticks, pancakes, hot dogs, pizza etc. Fruit is also always provided. We also encourage the children to help us choose snacks for the following week so that we ensure that children are eating healthy snacks which they like. Crisps and some sweets only appear occasionally (birthdays/end-of-term parties!)

Since the children are encouraged to be involved in baking sessions and eat their own baking, the RLASC tries to ensure the baking choices are fairly healthy, including things such as pizza, pasta, dishes, some cakes and biscuits. The children often choose what they would like to make themselves. If parents/carers would like to make suggestions on snack we would love to hear from you. Contact details can be found at the end of this handbook. We follow all Health and Safety Regulations in the preparation of any foodstuffs and aim to buy only good quality food


The premises meet accepted standards and conform to Health and Safety Requirements as well as Fire Regulations. We have an agreed standard of cleanliness and all members of staff take care to ensure that the premises remain clean and safe for its users.


The Club holds regular, unannounced fire drills to ensure that all children are aware of Fire Exits and Assembly Points. There is an escape plan on the notice board for children, parents/carers and visitors to see. All fire drills are recorded and kept.


All floors will be kept clean, non-slippery and free from any obstruction. All spillages will be cleaned up immediately. Children are never allowed in the kitchen area without supervision. All cleaning materials are kept out of reach of children.


There will always be a RLASC staff member present who has undertaken appropriate First Aid training. There is a very well stocked first aid box located in the club hall. In addition, all staff members have received appropriate training from the manager in how to deal with and record accidents and emergencies. If your child has had an accident whilst at RLASC, it will be recorded in the accidents book and you will be asked to sign the appropriate form as the child’s parent/carer.

If you require a member of staff to assist your child in taking prescribed medication, you must write a letter to the manager allowing them to do so, prior to the medication being administered. We would also ask that you keep RLASC’s records up-to-date by noting any regular medicines, allergies or medical conditions accurately on the registration form. If there are any changes please also put the changes in writing for our records. We also require that all medication is clearly labelled with the child’s name and date of expiry.


Contact us today to enquire about our availability or to arrange a visit to our club. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our numbers are 01224574511, 07593198842

Our email addresses are


Rising Light After School Club

29 Palmerston Road

The Fountain House


AB11 5QP